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About me

About Me

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Over the last 10  years, I have had the opportunity to work with children and young adults, from newborns to 22 year olds with Special Educational Needs, using the Montessori philosophy to help each and every child. 

It was only when I was on maternity leave that I realised, teaching from home was much more difficult than teaching in a classroom.  Trying to find ways to keep my daughter constantly engaged for hours on end, was harder than teaching a class of 27 children. It completely baffled me!

I went and spoke to other parents to ask how they felt trying to home school their children, it turns out that they all felt the same.

Totally overwhelmed, confused and frustrated, just the same way as I did.


I spent hours trying to understand why it was different and what I can do to make teaching easy and enjoyable again.


That's when I decided to create MOMtessori Way, so that I can help as many parents and children as possible, not just the ones in my home and classroom. 

MOMtessori Way is now helping parents and children in 135 countries worldwide, helping to transform their homes and lives to give their children the best Education possible.

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