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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

I don't know about you but I love going to IKEA, in fact I can't seem to leave IKEA without wanting to buy the entire store.

Here is a list of my favorite IKEA buys, remember that each country has different stock.

Around the house

LACK- TV bench, white 90x26x45 cm (This unit can hold between 2-3 baskets on each shelf, depending on the size. It is the perfect size for children up until 2 years old)

BOLMEN- Step stool, white (Perfect for use in the bathroom)

FÖRSIKTIG -Children's stool, white, green (Perfect for use in the bathroom)




6 Months+

12 Months+

MULA- Crane with blocks, multicolour, beech (I always like to introduce the blocks first and learn about the shapes, before introducing the crane).

18 Months +

MULA - 24 building blocks with wagon (I prefer to induce around 12 blocks in a small basket, returning them to the right places, inside the wagon can be quite frustrating, even for me).

FLISAT- Doll’s house/wall shelf

LUSTIGT- Lacing beads (For children around 3 years of age and up)

LUSTIGT- 7-piece weaving loom set (This set is for older children, however I added it anyway, as its a great activity)


Arts and Crafts



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