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Understanding our bodies

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

As parents we only want the best for our children and always worry if they are underdeveloping in comparison to other children their age. Therefore its only natural that we are continuously looking for ways to help them to develop. Sometimes we need to listen to our child's body and understand that they will do everything they are supposed to, when their body is ready.

I always get asked why isn't my child writing yet or why isn't my child walking yet. Have a look at the images below, you will see the different stages of a child's bone development, from a baby through to adulthood.

As you can see in image one, the child’s bones are not fused. In image two they are starting to fuse, In image three the bones are fully fused.

What can you do to help your child’s hand development?

  • Playing with playdough

  • Kneading dough

  • Colouring

  • Puzzles

  • Playing with balls

  • Playing in the sand and dirt

Remember every child is different and they all develop at different stages. When your child is ready to walk and write they will.

* If you do ever have concerns it is always best to seek the advice of your child's pediatrician.

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