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Did you know that 85% of your child's brain is formed by age 3?


Don't wait, start today!


​What's included?

Everything that you need to get started!


Continual support and guidance from a Montessori professional 


Members area 


Educational Materials:


Introduction to homeschooling

Activity checklist

150 Individual language cards (singular and three part) & matching cards

30 Activities

60 Extention activities

23 Printable puzzles

4 Work booklets

Quick guide


Educational Manual:

Introduction to Montessori Education

Dr Maria Montessori

Preparing the environment

What do I put on the shelf?

"Follow the child"

Is my child bored?

Toy rotation

Example daily schedule

The six principles

Three period lesson

Sensitive periods

Slowing down

Independent children

Helping out at home

Saying "No"


Meal times

Modeling behaviour


Floor bed VS crib

Big emotions

Hitting, biting and pushing

Our favorite songs exclusive playlist

Our favorite buys 

Alternative phrases



36 Pages

Observation log

Lesson plan

Child log

Personal log

Activity logs

Daily and weekly planner

Meal planner

Yearly calendar 



Covering 9 different learning areas 

Extensive support and guidance throughout your journey

Support for Special Educational Needs and Bilingual children


Our 24-36 months Journey is downloadable via PDF documents. Work booklets, language cards and matching activities must be printed before use.


I always recommend printing on card stock, once printed, simply cut along the dotted lines. It is always best to laminate the cards to help prevent them from becoming damaged.


Good luck on your journey!  

24-36 Months Journey

$60.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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